Design On going Projects

Description Contractor/consultant/ Customer Project Reference
Instaltion & Testing for 33kV & 11kV Cable Siemens POD GTC/240A/2008
Supply & Installation of 400kV Cable works in AbuNakla Super & Alwajba Super S/S Nexans GTC318B-1/2009
Supply & Installation of Sun Shield Protection, Checker plate& Bay guards Nexans LDS 2 Sub
Design works internal cable between New 132kV GIS and Existing 132/66kV, 160MVA Transformer for 2 circuits Siemens / EFC / Kahramaa GTC/297B/2009
Preparation of As Built 11 kV Boom Const / Kahramaa GTC/108/05-06, GTC/106&107/06-07
Design works - 220/132/66/11 S/S N.C.C. / Lahmeyer / Kahramaa GTC/142A/2006